Charter Members:

Mission and Purpose:

Mission Statement:

The Krewe de Tigris (hereinafter “Krewe”) is hereby established as a social organization with the sole purpose of bringing together family, friends and community to celebrate the merriment of fellowship year-round, with special emphasis placed on the Mardi Gras season.

General Purpose:

The Krewe is organized and operated for the pleasure and recreation of its members, extending to the community at large.

  • Membership is open to community members willing to actively participate in the socially philanthropic mission of the Krewe as well as participate in the funding of such mission through reasonable annual dues.
  • The selection of focus on the Mardi Gras season is to celebrate the history of the State of Alabama where the current practice of the Mardi Gras celebration began.

   Though most people associate Mardi Gras with New Orleans, Mobile, Alabama, began holding the festival in 1703, 15 years before it started in Louisiana. Based on a French Catholic tradition, the celebration is now a city-wide holiday in Mobile, where even schools close down to celebrate.

The History of Mardi Gras in Mobile Alabama | USA Today

  • The members shall meet and socialize regularly for the purpose of planning events for the Mardi Gras season
  • community parade in a family friendly atmosphere
  • member only ball culminating with the coronation of a Krewe King and Queen.
  • The parade is intended to bring together and improve relations between various factions of the community that would not otherwise intermingle on a social level such as community leaders, business owners, residents and students of Auburn University (in such a way as to not interfere with policies and practices of the University.

Krewe de Tigris Founded 2016